The Bachelorette Party

My sister/MOH was largely in charge of putting this together and she did a great job. We went out on the Friday before the Sunday wedding (we had to wait until 2 days before since one of my BM lives out of town).  We started the evening by having all of the girls, which ended up being my 4 BM and 3 med school friends, come over to my house. We enjoyed some yummy cookies (which my OOT BM helped me decorate earlier that day), chips and dip, and strawberry margaritas (click here for recipe... sooo good!).  We were hoping to get a limo for the night but after getting quotes of $300+ we realized that was kind of ridiculous.  Instead we got 2 taxis to take us downtown to the Riverwalk in SA (which ended up being about $35 each taxi, and the way home we crammed all 8 of us into one taxi van, pretty good deal!).  My sister made reservations at this restaurant called Dick's Last Resort, which is quite a place.  Let me just say that I was blushing and laughing the whole evening, had to take a "Blow Job" shot, and ended up discovering the huge flirt that my sister is, haha.  We just ate some more appetizers and drinks there, and then moved on to a pub for a few more drinks.  We ended the night by returning to my house and opening gifts.  I got quite the range of cute little blue undies to wear for my wedding day to fuzzy hand cuffs.

Wow, so I kind of didn't want to post these, but I think they're too funny not to share.