The Bridal Shower

My sister, who is also my MOH, really wanted to throw me a bridal shower. I told her I didn't really need one. I'm not exactly the type who likes to be the center of attention. But she insisted on throwing one, and with the help of FMIL, she did a really great job.

It was on Sunday, Nov 29 right after Thanksgiving at FMIL's house.  We had about 19 people there, which I thought was a perfect number. It was a good mix of my school friends, family friends, and a few moms of my high school friends who I also know fairly well.

I must say they all went super crazy with the gifts. Almost everything in the mid-price range from our registry is gone! I'm absolutely thrilled, but I must say I also feel kind of bad that they went all out!

Here are some pics I got with my sister. She's so awesome!
Here are some pics of the room they set up with the decorations and food.
We just started the party off by mingling and catching up.

This first pic is of my mom and FMIL.
My sister making a super weird face.
Me and FSIL.
Then we moved onto games.

For the first game, my sister made index cards that had situations written on them, and all started with Advice for the Bride. Some I remember were:
1) When she burns dinner for the first time
2) When she gets a speeding ticket
3) On her wedding night
4) On the honeymoon
5) When a check bounces
6) The first time she has a "headache"

Each guest picked a card and then gave me "advice." Some of the advice was useful, most was just funny. It was actually a pretty fun game.
After that, we played a "How well do you know Lindsay?" game. My sister had a list of 19 things that people had to answer. Some of them were:
1) What color shirt is she wearing?
2) How many piercings does she have?
3) What is her favorite color?
4) What ring does she wear on her right hand?
5) Bikini, thong, or granny panties?
6) Who is her celebrity crush?
7) Where did Tyler and her meet?
8) What color are her eyes? (everyone got this one wrong because apparently my eyes look blue, even though I think they are green)

Then everyone totaled up their points and the winner got a little gift.

Here I am in my chair of honor showing the ring on my right hand (UNC class ring)
Here is my face after the thong question.
Then we moved onto the food since we were starting to get hungry. That coconut cake was delicious!
Then we played one more little game where my FMIL read a story. We all sat in a circle and had chosen little gifts. Every time she read the word RIGHT in the story, we passed the gifts right. Same with left. It was an....interesting game.
Then it was gift time!
All of the gifts were so nice and from the registry or just, well, traditional. Then my sister came along and gave me her gift. The first was a very sweet book called "Words to warm a sister's heart" awww.  Then I pulled out the second book....
..... a nice little book called "101 Things You Didn't Know About Sex." I think our faces in that last picture says it all, haha.

Here are two of my bridesmaids and one of the moms there enjoying it as well.