Day 1 - Maui - Traveling, Sheraton Maui

Day 1 kind of doesn't count because it was just our (very very long) travel day getting to Maui, but it was still our first official HM day so I'm including it.

We started the morning by meeting up at my parents house around 8am for some breakfast and saying bye to some of the wedding party and family.

My parents and sister then took us to the airport for our 10:30am flight out of San Antonio. We flew to DFW first, and then came the super long (about 8 hours) flight from Dallas to Honolulu. That was my first experience with a flight that long and I can't say I really enjoyed it. I was too excited to really care though, so it's all good.

We then had a little over an hour layover in Honolulu, where we proceeded to devour some dinner from Stinger Ray's (pretty good food). I say devour because our AA flight from Dallas didn't give us any food, not even pretzels. It was ridiculous and we were starving. 

Then we had a short 40 min flight to Maui!  We got our rental Ford Focus from Budget (part of a package with the hotel through Orbitz) and we were off to the Kaanapali area where the Sheraton Maui is. 

On check in at the Sheraton we were told that we had been upgraded to Ocean View room (sweet!). We ended up being on the 5th floor of building 3. Our room had an excellent view. We found a bottle of champagne in our fridge and a nice congrats note.  After inspecting the room a bit, we were so exhausted and just fell asleep.

Our Flight to Hawaii

Our Room at the Sheraton Maui

These are more pictures of the Sheraton, but obviously not from our first day since it was already night when we arrived.