Day 10 - Breakfast at Kountry Kitchen, Shopping, Travel back to Maui, Dinner at Mama's Fish House, Travel to the mainland

I was so sad when we finally got to this day. I really didn't want to leave!

We ended up making it a pretty simple day though. I felt like going for a run that morning, so we both put on our running gear and headed out together. There is a path that goes along the beach just about 0.4 miles north of our condo, and goes for quite a few miles. We ran up there and then along the path for another like 1.5. We got to see the sunrise and watch the ocean some more, which was awesome. There are roosters everywhere, literally everywhere, and at one point there were two jogging down the path in our direction. Tyler sprinted ahead to try to chase them, and they just kept coming! They didn't move until they were about 2 feet from him, at which point they freaked out and scurried off to the side. Then they started fighting each other! I was just like, great job Tyler, you started a cock fight. He of course thought that was awesome.

After our run I talked Tyler into going back into the pool with me. They have a waterfall and cave in the pool, and I had been begging him to go in there with me before but he never would. So then I finally got him to do it. :o) Then we hit up the whirlpool for a bit before heading back to our condo to get ready.

We went to breakfast at Kountry Kitchen in Kapa'a.  It was given an ONO in the blue book so we were hoping for some yummy breakfast items. The food did taste pretty good, but I wouldn't really recommend this place. We had to wait like 20-30 min to be seated first of all. Then when we got a table one waitress came by with water or coffee, and then we waited another like 15 min before our actual waitress came by to take our order. Then it was another 15 min until our food came out. I got strawberry pancakes. The pancakes were huuuge, and it tasted good, but I could tell they just put frozen strawberries on top. Tyler got an omelette, which he said was good.  Then we had to wait for our bill, which of course took a little while too. So overall good food, but awful service.

We just went back our condo and packed and cleaned. We were back out of there by like 11:45. I wanted to do some souveneir shopping, so we headed toward the airport and stopped at Coconut Grove Marketplace. It has tons of cute shops with pretty much everything you could want. We bought some t-shirts and other goodies for our family. We also got lunch there, I think at a place called TJ's. We got a teriyaki burger with fries to split, and it was pretty yummy. Then we got some shave ice. I wanted to take a picture of mine so I set it down on the table, only to discover the table was sloped and I had set it on the ridge in the middle, so it fell over. So sad. I ate it anyway, hehe.

We still had a while before our flight, so we drove over to Wailua Falls. It is a pretty impressive waterfall, and super easy to get to. Definitely worth the small detour.

I didn't want to go wait at the airport for more than 2 hours, so I just started driving around. We came across Hilo Hattie, so we went in there. I bought some coffee beans, but they have tons of  stuff in there to look at.

Then we finally went to the airport and dropped off our car. We pleasantly discovered that even though we had different airlines from Kauai to Maui and Maui to the mainland that we could check our bags through to the end. Yay, now we wouldn't have to take our bags with us to dinner in Maui!

The flight back to Maui was another easy hour. Tyler slept.

We took a taxi from the airport to Mama's Fish House in Maui. It took like 15-20 min and cost around $35. Definitely not cheap, but we knew that trip and dinner wouldn't be cheap.

Mama's Fish House is actually a huge restaurant. They let us leave our backpacks by the hostess stand, which was great. We got a table near the lawn, although it was already dark so we couldn't see that much.  The one thing we noticed as soon as we sat down was how expensive it all was. The drinks started at $15 (the other restaurants were more like 10-12). Tyler told me to get one anyway, so I got some tropical one that was pretty good. He ordered the mahimahi stuffed with lobster, crab and onion with a macadamia nut crust. I got the onaga with tomatoes, white wine, garlic and capers. We both thought our dishes were really good, although honestly I didn't like them as much as our other fancy dinners. I got the chocolate pie for dessert, and Tyler got the banana macadamia nut crisp. Those were yummy too but again not better than our other meals. When we got the bill and it was outrageous, I basically concluded that it was a good meal but not worth the price. Still, it was worth it as our last meal in Hawaii.

And then we headed back to the airport for our 10:40pm flight back to the mainland. So sad to leave, but it was an AMAZING honeymoon!