Day 9 - Kayaking on the Wailua, Scotty's BBQ

We were going to go hike at the Waimea Canyon on this day, but because we messed up the kayaking the day before we just decided to do kayaking this day (plus we didn't really want the 2 hour drive to the canyon). 

We rented our kayaks from Wailua Kayak Adventures. The Kuamoo address listed on google maps is NOT correct, as we discovered the hard way. It is actually located in north Kapa'a behind Movie Tours. Once we found the place, it was really simple and the best price we could find ($50 for a double kayak). They give you a dry bag, kayak and paddles, seats, life vests, and maps. They also help you load the kayak onto your car (any car will work). You have to pick up the kayak before 11am, and have it back before 5pm. Pretty easy and nice people.

Once we were set, we slowly drove over to the river (we were scared of doing anything that could knock off the kayak, although I think it was actually pretty secure).  We got our kayak unloaded and set up and then we were off! We've never kayaked together before so I was interested to see how we would do. I thought we actually did a pretty good job and managed to paddle at the same beat almost the whole time. We also set a pretty good pace going up against the current. I don't know for sure how long it took, but probably around an hour or so until you reach the point where you tie up your kayak and start hiking to Secret Falls.

The hike to Secret Falls is very wet (you actually have to cross a stream and go in up above your knees), rocky and muddy. WEAR PROPER SHOES!!!! We passed a girl walking barefoot once. Dumb dumb dumb. Anyway..... we thought the hike to the falls seemed like more than a mile, but it wasn't a hard hike by any means. There is a point that must be at around 0.9 miles where you get to a little waterfall with boulders. Tyler thought that must be the end, but I was convinced there must be more. Then we saw people coming back from farther up, so we found the rest of the trail and continued.  When you get to Secret Falls, you will know it, haha. It's huge and beautiful. There is a little pool there and people swim in it. We didn't go in, but we did sit there and look for a little while.

Then we started our return hike, got lost once (if you go and get to a point where the trail just stops, just turn around for like 3 min and find the fork heading away from the stream).  Once we got back to the kayak, we paddled back out to where the river forked and took the other fork. We just paddled down that way a little while until we reached the landing for the Fern Grotto. There wasn't a good tie up spot like the other one, but we found something that worked. The Fern Grotto is more a developed place with boardwalks and bathrooms. I thought it was pretty, but kind of boring since it wasn't as natural. I like the more undiscovered places.

Then we paddled back down the river at a really good pace. We were pretty tired by the time we got back to our car, which was around 3pm or so. We just went back to our condo to eat lunch and relax by the pool. 

We went out to dinner that night at Scotty's BBQ in Kapa'a. It's the restaurant that is owned by the authors of the Blue Books, so we were hoping for a good meal. I would say that the food itself was pretty good. We both ordered sandwiches off the lunch menu. And their BBQ sauce is yummy. The service wasn't as great though, which was more of a disappointment, and you don't  get much of a sunset on the east coast.

Kayaking on the Wailua

Scotty's BBQ