The Rehearsal

We ended up being able to get into Canyon Springs the day before the wedding to start setting up (which was a huge life saver). So after spending all morning and afternoon there, we made a quick run home to change and then went back for our 4:15pm rehearsal down by the waterfall.  All went pretty smoothly there (except for the pastor getting lost on his way to the venue and being like 30 min late!). It started getting me really excited for the real thing!

We then continued the evening by having the rehearsal dinner at Johnny Carino's.  We had around 25 people there with us including our wedding party and close family (grandparents and aunts and uncles).

We opted to go with the Party Pans for the evening since that seemed to be the cheapest route. On our menu was: the lasagna, the spicy shrimp and chicken, the lemon rosemary chicken, and the angel hair with artichokes. We also got 2 orders of the bruschetta as an appetizer. MIL bought 3 cakes from Walmart for dessert, and the server at Carino's happily sliced and plated those for us too.

All in all we had a really great night with awesome food and wonderful service. You can read my review about Carino's below, but in summary we were very pleased and it was a great way to really get the wedding weekend going.

I know a lot of these pictures are blurry, but they're all I've got of the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.